1. Q: Which ECFMG pathway should SJSM students take?
A: Pathway 3 or pathway 6. ECFMG will tell you which pathways you are eligible for.

2. Q: Will the school provide an exact timeline with requirements met and deadlines for
taking cumulative shelf, Step 2, OET, and then the entire step by step process of ERAS
A: SGA working on this for the student body. Project will be shared with administration
for approval and then be published.

3. Q: What is the timeline and what are the specific deadlines that 3rd, and more
importantly 4th years, have to be aware of?
A: SGA working on Roadmap to Residency; see previous question.

4. Q: List of SJSM friendly residency programs. Programs past SJSM students gained
residency at?
A: Posted by April on SJSM website under the graduate success page

5. Q: What are specific deadlines and guidelines that Canadian students have to be aware
of, preparing for applying to residencies?
A: SGA working on Roadmap to Residency; see questions 2 and 3.

6. Q: Which U.S states are SJSM graduates approved in or not approved to work in?
A: SJSM graduates are approved to practice in all U.S. states as far as admin is aware.

7. Q: Texas Medical Board list does not include SJSM. How are we able to do rotations
A: We have our contracts with South Texas Health System and neither party would put
students or organization at jeopardy.

8. Q:Transcripts uploaded onto ERAS are rumored to have the highest grade of B. Is this
true and why may it be rounded or normalized?
A: The grade on the transcript matches the grade on the student portal which should
also match what is on the MSP. The grade on the student portal is the grade shown. If
there are any discrepancies, contact clinical services immediately. Students should be
checking their grades regularly to get things rectified in a timely manner if anything is