1. Q: When should I submit my elective rotations? (timeframe prior to starting elective
A: 1-2 months prior to projected start. Too far in advance is 6 months or more

2. Q: What information do I need to include for my elective rotation?
A: Rotation type, health system (location), doctor, date and alternative rotation
(Plan B & Plan C)

3. Q: What email do I send my elective information/request to?
A: Clinical services department. It is not appropriate to submit electives through
the clinical rotation update form without getting them approved first.

4. Q: Are we locked into the elective rotations that we request through the school or are we
able to request something different at a later date?
A: Rotation cancelation policy 9 weeks (approx 2 months), less than 2 months is on a
case by case basis *pertains to both elective and core rotations

5. Q: Can a rotation be reassigned once you’ve started?
A: Case by case and depending on availability, contact clinical services department

6. Q: Will we be allowed to do elective clinical rotations in Florida in the future?
A: SJSM tried with Florida in the past, SJSM has to apply with Anguilla and SVG
governments to have full CAAM-HP accreditation. SJSM has full ACCM accreditation. To
be certified, SJSM will have a site visit by Florida and NY once feasible. Residency can
be done in Florida and NY states

7. Q: Any plans to go after additional clinical sites with more opportunities for sub-Is?
A: Always scouting and possibilities for electives. Partnering with 2 new hospitals in
Chicago (AdventHealth & Insight), Franciscan Health & Kent

8. Q: This is not so much a question as a requirement: the school must apply for VSLO.
A: VSLO/VSAS is not accepting international medical schools at this point. Once
restrictions are lifted it is the intention of the school to apply. Admin looks into VSLO
yearly for updates.

9. Q: What is the anticipated date that we will be able to start using VLSO (aka VSAS) to
apply for audition rotations?
A: VSLO/VSAS is not accepting international medical schools at this point. See #8.

10. Q: Will the school provide a list of all programs we have affiliations with for audition
A: Yes, available on clinical portal, Clinical services to supply list of last 3 years of
clinical sites students have set up on their own, no affiliation or guarantee to rotate there.

11. Q:Will the school please provide us open access to our preceptor evaluations we are
receiving for each core rotation?
A: Work in progress. Current evaluations are done manually by doctors. Historically
there isn't much feedback; however, clinical services is hopeful that evaluations will be
shared with students by the end of the year via Medtrics. Students are encouraged to
meet 1-on-1 with preceptors to seek feedback or remediation if they feel their grade is
low or unfair. MSPE will reflect positive comments.

12. Q: What do I do if I am not able to continue in my rotation due to schedule conflict,
personal emergency, or other reason?
A: Contact clinical services department for determination on a case by case basis

13. Q: What do I do if I get COVID or other severe sickness?
A: Contact preceptor and clinical services department

14. Q: Will the school consider core shelf NBME scholarships for the highest earned for
each rotation?
A: SJSM has recently increased scholarships. SGA will be involved with administration
for talks regarding clinical scholarships

15. Q: I have applied to some sub-internships, but the transcript provided by SJSM does
not have grades for my core rotations. How do I fix this problem?
A: Put in a ticket with the Registrar services department if transcripts are different from
grades on the student portal. If grades are not reflected properly on the student portal,
contact the clinical services department.