In order to complete the MD program, after five semesters of Basic Science, students are required to complete 5 semesters (80 weeks) of clinical rotations. Tuition for Clinical Sciences is $9,850 for the full 16-week program. Tuition will be billed to the student and must be paid within the due dates specified on the tuition bill. Clinical Sciences tuition cannot be prorated and once begun, cannot be refunded. Cancellation policy is applied as described in the Clinical Rotations Cancellation Policy.

Clinical rotation weekly tuition is $615.63 and will be charged once every 16 weeks (i.e., once per semester), which is approximately every four months. Students are required to pre-pay at least 16 weeks and up to 32 weeks of tuition (tuition deposit).

Clinical Science Liability Insurance is charged in the first and third Clinical Science semesters.

A late fee of up to $400 may be charged on late payments.

A service charge of $2,000 is added to the student who has been billed for the Clinical Science tuition and has not completed the program.


  • Applicable after the sixth semester drop date. Sixth semester drop dates for all calendar years.

- Spring billing cycle January 30th

- Summer billing cycle May 30th

- Fall billing cycle September 30th


Service charges are included in tuition for students who complete the program. However, for the students who withdraw, transfer or are expelled before completion of the entire program, these charges will be deducted from the amount of their refund as indicated above, regardless of whether or not they passed the exam, and regardless of whether or not they took any rotations. If the student has insufficient tuition credit/deposit on his/her account to cover the applicable fees, no transcript/withdrawal or other requests will be processed until the balance is cleared.


1. The Clinical Science Liability Insurance Fee is non-refundable.

2. The late fee is non-refundable.

In the event of withdrawal, transfer or expulsion from out of SJSM prior to the completion of the MD program, a refund for the unused portion of the tuition will be issued. The refund will be calculated by subtracting the following from the amount of money paid towards tuition (or rotations):

• Number of rotation weeks completed, multiplied by tuition amount that is considered for the refund, divided by 16, and;

• Fees and other charges as explained above.